UEFA Champions League: Chelsea versus Atletico Madrid Preview

UEFA Champions League: Chelsea versus Atletico Madrid Preview

Wednesday, March 17, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid will face each other in the Champions League’s eighth-finals. They will decide who will progress to the quarter-finals of the million ball after this match. Also, bet on this match and win via Conti Soccer World!

Chelsea – Atletico Madrid statistics 

The Chelsea – Atletico Madrid match will be fun and, above all, an exciting game. In the first game, it was Chelsea that managed to win 1-0 against Atletico. The Madrid loans are currently the leader in the Spanish league. So many things are still possible at the coming meeting between both teams.

Thanks to a goal from Giroud halfway through the second half, Chelsea managed to win the first meeting. On paper, Atletico did play that match at home, but due to Spain’s corona measures, the club had to move abroad. That is why this match was played in Bucharest, Romania. However, following Wednesday’s game can be played at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’s stadium. That is a slight advantage for the home team, although the game will, of course, still be completed without spectators.

The home team hopes to finally reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League again this season. The English group was stranded in the Champions League’s eighth-finals in recent seasons, namely in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020. In 2017, the team did not play in a European context, while in 2019, the Europa League was Chelsea’s battleground. It was also won. The last time Chelsea progressed in the tournament was in 2014 when it remarkably lost in the semi-finals to Wednesday’s opponent Atletico Madrid.

Atletico also recently won the Europa League, namely in 2018. In 2014 and 2016, the Spanish team was in the Champions League’s final but lost both editions to city rivals Real. Last season, the group was stranded in the Champions League’s quarter-finals when it went down against RB Leipzig. Our fellow countryman Yannick Carrasco is also under contract at Atletico.

Chelsea – Atletico Madrid odds

Both teams are, therefore, very eager to get to the next round. Chelsea has a slight lead because the team managed to win the first leg with 1-0. One goal in the second match is enough for Atletico to drag out at least one extra time. However, if Chelsea scored once, the Spaniards will have to cut at least three times, reducing their chances.

The bookmakers seem to have more confidence in Chelsea in this match. The pre-odds for the home team are, namely x2.17. That is more than the odds for a victory for Atletico, which is namely x3.38. That is even more than a draw between both teams because those odds are x3.10. Therefore, the odds are close to each other, so the real connoisseurs will thoroughly sift through the statistics before they decide to bet on this match.

Game modes

The pre-odds of this match are already quite close, indicating that a lot of thinking and calculating has to be done. But other exciting betting types can be bet on.

Ultimately, Wednesday is not necessarily the result, but mainly who manages to reach the Champions League’s quarter-finals. Do you think Chelsea will only get the next round after extra time? Then you can cash in a lot because those odds are x21.70. If Atletico reaches the quarter-finals through the spare time, you can even multiply your bet by x31.00.

Football betting on UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is extremely popular when it comes to betting on football. Especially in the decisive return matches in the knockout phase, betting on a game can make them even more exciting for you. If the odds are also desirable, you actually have no reason anymore not to play via Conti Soccer World!

Chelsea – Atletico Madrid is a match in the eighth-finals of the Champions League. This match will start on Wednesday, March 17, at 9 p.m. in Stamford Bridge in London.