Serie A top match between AC Milan and Juventus

Serie A top match between AC Milan and Juventus

Next Wednesday, the ball will start rolling again in the Italian league. Serie A immediately begins with an excellent match: AC Milan against Mathijs de Ligt’s Juventus. The team from Milan is the leader and has not been beaten for a long time. Can Juventus breakthrough that series or will the Old Lady also drip off if the match is played in San Siro. Tell us your prediction and score high odds.

Stefano Pioli: “Juventus clearly favourite.”

The bookmakers and many football fans point to Juventus as the favourite of this match. Even AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli is not sure that his side is the stronger of the two. “Juventus is a team that has won 9 consecutive league titles and has individual champions of players on the field. It is quite understandable that they are the favourites of this game”, says Pioli.

“Two fit teams”.

For the duel against Juventus trainer, Pioli cannot yet rely on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The attacker is recovering from a calf injury, but on Wednesday AC Milan will have to do without the Swede. According to trainer Pioli, that must be possible for his other core players. “We will not let ourselves be put under pressure, we demand the maximum of the individual competitions. The group is young, it has to keep growing and improving. It will be a good match between fit teams against Juventus. We will see what happens against Juventus on Wednesday,” said Pioli.

Andrea Pirlo: “We feel strong.”

Juventus will get the chance on Wednesday not to lose sight of leader AC Milan. According to Juve coach Andrea Pirlo, that should be possible for his team. “AC Milan is leading the way and currently has more points than we do, but we feel strong. We are lagging behind, but on Wednesday we will try to fix that”, says Pirlo in his reflections before the Serie A top match.

“Admiration for Milan coach”.

Two duels ago, Juventus finally went wrong at home against mid-engine Fiorentina (0-3). According to trainer Pirlo, that will not happen against AC Milan. “Sometimes, it happens that we are not 100 per cent. Then we have to start over with desire, think about the mistakes we made and carry out our project”, says Pirlo, who has a lot of credit for the AC Milan coach. “Last season I visited Stefano Pioli and saw some of his training sessions because I admire him as a coach and was curious about what he was doing there. He is now reaping the fruits of that work”, Pirlo concludes.


AC Milan is at the top of the Seria A rankings. With 37 points, the team of trainer Pioli is the leader of the Italian league. City mate Inter follows from second place with 36 points.

Juventus is only fifth, and with 27 points, the Old Lady has ten less than Wednesday’s opponent. It must be said that Juventus has finished one round less than AC Milan.

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